True Crime

Two attorneys explore the dark side of human nature by detailing hardcore true crime homicide cases from around the world.

March 23, 2020

EP24: Neighborhood Watchdog

Karen Gregory moved into her boyfriend’s house in Gulfport, Florida on May 22, 1984.  Late into the early morning hours of the following day, many of her neighbors heard her blood-curdling screams, but none of them called the police.  Her body was found 2 days later, in a pool of her own blood in the hallway of her boyfriend’s home. The police followed many leads, and interviewed several suspects; they were very thankful that the neighborhood watchdog, a firefighter named George Lewis, had an important eyewitness account of the night Karen was murdered.  George helped their investigation in important ways and even encountered a suspect that very night.  The police arrested the murderer years after Karen’s death—and it was the LAST person the police suspected.


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