True Crime

Two attorneys explore the dark side of human nature by detailing hardcore true crime homicide cases from around the world.

July 13, 2020

EP40: Murphys Creek

In 1974, two Australian nursing students, Lorraine Wilson, and Wendy Evans decided to take some time off from their work and studies to travel around Australia.  Unfortunately for the young women, Lorraine’s car broke down in the middle of their vacation and the repair shop said would take over a week to fix it.  Undeterred, the two decided to hitchhike to Brisbane to spend a week with Lorraine’s sister.  As the days passed Lorraine began to grow more concerned that her car wouldn’t be fixed in time for both women to return to work on October 10, 1974.  On October 6, Lorraine and Wendy couldn’t wait any longer for Lorraine’s car to be done so the two set off on foot, hoping to hitchhike their way back home.  They never made it.  Lorraine’s aunt reported them missing on October 12, 1974, but it would take almost 40 years to discover the truth of what happened to these women.  Although there were at least a dozen bystanders that witnessed the crime and over 10 men who participated in the brutal rapes of the women, fear coupled with mistakes made by authorities, allowed the perpetrators to get away with murder and escape justice.   

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