True Crime

Two attorneys explore the dark side of human nature by detailing hardcore true crime homicide cases from around the world.

November 16, 2020

EP58: An American Serial Killer

The women of San Diego, California were near hysteria in 1990.  Headlines in the news read "Eerie Serial Killings Have San Diego Women on the Edge.”  A monster was breaking into the apartment of young women during the day and murdering them.  Six women were killed within one year, and dozens of others were burglarized.   In addition, a handful of women barely escaped the clutches of this serial killer.  A profile was developed by the FBI who determined the assailant was a "signature killer" who was also a piquerest.  Unbeknownst to the police, they had spoken with the murderer, Cleophus Prince, Jr. on multiple occasions, but he didn't fit the profile, so they never pursued him as a viable suspect. Listen to this episode of Crimes & Consequences to learn more about serial killer Cleophus Prince, Jr.


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